Saturday, January 29, 2011

Module 2 entry

  1. What is one way you could become involved in designing, selecting, evaluating, or implementing an information system in your workplace? In Shock Trauma ICU, we are currently piloting ECIS which I discussed in my prior entry. One way that I could become more involved in the design, selecting, evaluating and implementing of this program is through participating in the pilot. Both ECIS and Help 1 (STICU's old computer charting system) are still functioning systems for charting on every computer. Therefore, staff has the agency to choose which charting system they will use. This is necessary due to the fact that ECIS is new and it often has glitches that require it to be shut down for a period of time. However, having the old system still available also decreases compliance as the tendency of most staff is to be resistant to change. So, my way of helping in the ECIS project is to actively use ECIS in my charting and to report any problems that occur and think of possible improvements for the program development.

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