Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Module 3

You used an electronic index, a guideline index, and a web search engine to retrieve information relevant to your clinical problem. Compare and contrast your results. Which resources were useful/ not useful for your information retrieval task, and why?
I was able to perform a search using an electronic index, a guideline index, and a web search
The electronic index used was productive. I used Pubmed and then utilized endnote to store my references. This enables me to search for relevant, limited research in the realm desired and then to be able to easily site my references. The web search was overall unproductive. It produced many results but I have no guarantee that any of them are valid. General ideas were able to be gathered from a google search but I would not consider many of the sources found valid. For instance, sites such as wikipedia may provide a lot of information about ischemic strokes and the use of TPA but there is no guarantee of the source of information. I would rather gather research from a valid source that can be limited through well know systems that are approved by people I trust.